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Our Services

Public Speaking​

Roxana Bolden engages audiences with transformative discussions on critical societal issues. As a seasoned public speaker, she offers profound insights into the complexities of living with HIV/AIDS, battling addiction, and experiencing homelessness. Her talks are designed not only to educate but also to empower and inspire change within communities and individuals alike. Each session is a deep dive into her personal experiences and the lessons learned through her journey of healing and helping others.

Outreach Services 

S.W.A.T extends its hand to those in need through comprehensive outreach initiatives. This service includes the provision of nutritious meals to nourish the body and soul, and the distribution of essential personal items to support daily living. Beyond physical sustenance, the ministry facilitates access to critical health care services, ensuring that individuals receive the medical attention they require. Additionally, S.W.A.T offers case management support, guiding individuals through their personal challenges towards a path of stability and recovery. Each aspect of our outreach is designed to uplift, support, and transform lives, embodying the spirit of community and care at every step.

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