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A Sista With A Testimony, Inc.

With 28 years as a survivor of HIV and AIDS, Roxana Lindo Bolden is a beacon of hope and resilience. Her journey has been marked by profound challenges, including overcoming homelessness, surviving a gunshot wound, battling cervical cancer, and escaping domestic abuse. Through these trials, she has seen the hand of God moving, guiding her to fulfill a divine purpose.

Roxana is the heart and soul behind S.W.A.T. — A Sista With A Testimony, INC a ministry dedicated to rebuilding and transforming lives one person at a time. Her experiences, though fraught with pain, have become the foundation upon which she helps others find healing and strength. Join Roxana as she continues to share her powerful testimony, inspiring change and fostering hope in every life she touches.

All donations and contributions to A Sista With A Testimony is considered tax deductible. 

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