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A Sister With A Testimony, Inc.

My Pain: His Purpose: Serving Communities and Transforming Lives

Our Services

Founded by Roxana S.L. Bolden, S.W.A.T embodies the triumph over adversity. Roxana, once homeless and an addict, contracted HIV and AIDS in 1996 through unsafe practices. A life-altering event that set her on a tumultuous journey. After years of personal development-focusing on her mind, body, and soul. Roxana transformed her struggles into strength.

In 2019, inspired by those who aided her, Roxana began to mirror their generosity. She ventured into her community to provide for the homeless, becoming a vital resource and a beacon of hope. Roxana’s dedication is evident in her relentless commitment to go above and beyond for every individual she meets.

Today, S.W.A.T. is a self-funded ministry that operates on the spirit of giving. We welcome donations to help extend our reach and impact as many lives as possible. Roxana Bolden is not just the founder; she is truly a Sister with A Testimony, Inc. living proof that resilience can forge a path to redemption and service.

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